SETAP-Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite pipes production

Project funding and no.: TÜBİTAK/TEYDEB -1501 / 3080574
Duration: 36 months / April 2008 – March 2011

Project Summary

There are some constraints on the production of extensively used thermoplastic (mostly polyethylene or polypropylene) pipes for high operating pressures, such as production problems and high overall costs. Currently, it is possible to produce regular plastic pipes with the diameters of 400 mm or below for maximum 32 bars operation pressure.

The production of plastic pipes for higher operation pressures is not feasible, at both technical and economic aspects. Another problem limiting the production range is the reduction of maximum operating pressure possible with the increase of pipe diameter.

In this project, in order to overcome these problems, thermoplastic composite pipes were developed as a novel product through reinforcement of polyethylene pipes with continuous fibers. Thermoplastic matrix of developed pipes has a high chemical and corrosion resistance. Therefore, this novel product is a strong alternative to steel pipes and glass-reinforced thermosetting-resin pipes.

After the investigation and optimization of fiber and compatibilizer performances, a thermoplastic composite pipe production system for 20 mm to 3000 mm pipe diameter range was developed, and pilot production lines were manufactured. Product preformances were verified through the tests on produced pipes. As a result, a novel product which is the first in the World especially at large diameters was developed.

Detailed Project Presentation