RASOFIR - On-Site, Rapid Soil Analysis and Fertilization/Irrigation Recommendation System

Project funding and no. : TEYDEB 1501 / 3090664
Duration: 36 months / January 2010 – December 2012

Project Summary

The soil analysis driven fertilization applications are very rare in Turkey and as a result of this situation, so many problems arised in the last decades such as reduction in fertility, soil salinity, reduction in harvest efficiency, and contamination of soil, ground and surface waters due to over-fertilization. Fertilization and irrigation should performed consciously, and soil analysis driven fertilization should become widespread.

At the traditional laboratories providing testing services for soil analysis and fertilization, analysis and recommendation process takes about 3-15 days. Using ‚ÄúSoil analysis kit”s, soil analysis studies are attempted to be performed in the field, but since the results obtained are qualitative, that did not result in a successful fertilization recommendation.

In the project, the auto-analyzer which provides on-site and rapid soil analysis, the fertilization recommendation software which provides data processing and evaluation and the rapid soil drying system (10-20 minutes of drying time) are developed. This technology leads to save time and labor costs at both laboratory and the field. As a result, agricultural activities is expected to be more consciously.

The real-time and simultaneous quantitative analysis of macro plant nutrients can be made in 5 minutes with developed soil auto-analyzer system. The soil samples can be prepared for the analysis within 20 minutes by rapid soil drying system. The data obtained from the soil auto-analyzer system is automatically transferred to fertilization-irrigation recommendation software, and fertilization recommendations can be made on-time.

Rasofir (TEYDEB)

Rasofir (TEYDEB)

Rasofir (TEYDEB)