METASTIC - Improvement of adhesion between metal and plastic interfaces

Project funding and no. : TEYDEB 1501 / 3080079
Duration : 55 months / June 2006 – March 2011

Project Summary

In piping applications, metallic fitting parts (nipples) are used to connect plastic pipes. These metallic fitting parts are generally produced by plastic injection technology.

Significant quality features for fitting parts can be listed as superior leak tightness and strong durability against exterior torque. If these quality criteria are not met, piping couplings may face leakage problems.

In conventional production methods, metal part is processed to form a threaded surface. This threaded surface increases the distance that water covers at the interface between metal and plastic. By doing so, water leakage is delayed but not completely prevented. Anti-twist torsion tongues are also employed to avoid disengagement and uncontrolled rotational twist of metal and plastic parts.

In addition to un-prevention of leakage problems completely, these measures increase weight of metal and plastic parts in each unit.

In this project, superior leak tightness is achieved by chemical bonding of metal and plastic. As a result of this bonding, the threaded surface and anti-twist tongues are removed from the geometry. Product quality is improved while manufacturing cost is reduced.

Metastic (TEYDEB)

Metastic (TEYDEB)

Metastic (TEYDEB)