LEXRAD - Development of novel Low Exergy Radiant surface heating cooling systems

Project funding and no. : TEYDEB 1501 / 3100577
Duration : 36 months / January 2011 – October 2013

Project Summary

Energy is mostly used in buildings in an inefficient way, and even using much more energy, basic thermal comfort conditions are not satisfied.

Due to this reason, climating systems should be designed considering energy efficiency and human factor.

The aim of the project is to develop a low exergy novel radiant heating & cooling system which is a promising technology for energy saving with improved thermal comfort. According to this novelty, radiant heating & cooling systems with optimum thermal efficiency will be developed through solving the problems on the structural layout of the tubing, radiation plate, insulation and filling material. Additionally, this new modular structure will be easy to use for new and existing buildings.

Energy saving and emission reduction are both affected by the energy efficiency of the environment and the quality of the energy carrier. In this project, low exergy heating and cooling systems allow us to use of low valued energy, which is supplied by sustainable energy sources (e.g. by using heat pumps, solar collectors, either separate or linked to waste heat etc).

Detailed Project Presentation

Lexrad (TEYDEB)

Lexrad (TEYDEB)

Lexrad (TEYDEB)