ANTIPERM - Investigation and development of Gas transport properties of plastic extrusion products

Project funding and no. : SAN-TEZ – 00515.STZ.2009-2
Duration : 30 months / January 2010 – June 2012

Project Summary

Plastics pipes have higher wall thickness values than film and membrane materials and their gas transport properties should be evaluated using cylindrical coordinates. Due to these aspects, there is no industrial test equipment or standard for determination of gas transport properties of plastic pipes.

The lack of a testing equipment for determination of gas transport properties in the cylindrical coordinates presents an obstacle for gas transport properties of plastic pipes developed.

In this project, a test system which can determine gas transport properties of plastic pipes in cylindrical coordinates is produced. The derived mass transfer equations in cylindrical coordinates can be applied for the same test system.

In this developed test system, the effect of production parameters and additives on gas transport properties of polypropylene pipes were investigated, and the lack of knowledge on the production of a plastic pipe that have sufficient gas barrier property for oxygen gas has been resolved.

A polymer composite interlayer will be applied into plastic pipes to improve gas barrier properties of the said pipe, and the morphological properties of this composite structure will be tested by known methods.

Antiperm (SAN-TEZ)

Antiperm (SAN-TEZ)

Antiperm (SAN-TEZ)