Our Human Resources Policy

It is not sufficient anymore for organizations to consider human as a strategic resource to achieve competitive advantage. Gaining importance in a globalised world without borders, the practice goes beyond the management of human resources with a greater focus on “management of human skills” rather than human resources management.

Our Human Resources Mission

Following the mission and vision of Mir Research and Development to facilitate an environment where highly-motivated employees can create added value as highly-motivated individuals with continuous learning skills and advanced competencies who can take personal responsibility and are open to change…

Our Human Resources Vision

To help employees to be flexible, competitive-minded, innovative individuals who adopt the philosophy of total quality management, create synergy and adapt quickly to changes and to provide situational leadership…

Principles of Human Resources Management

  • Prioritize employees' motivation and engagement to the organization
  • Facilitate a continuous learning and self-development environment
  • Systematic planning and development of individuals' career in line with the need of the organization
  • Manpower and organizational succession planning
  • Fair compensation and rewarding practices
  • Provide feedback to individuals about their performance
  • Hire people based on qualifications and needs
  • Honor employees in public and always respect to personal rights
  • Enhance and support sports, cultural and social activities

Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources