ir Unique Solutions which was established as an R & D company in 1987, has put its pipe technology products on market, being the outcome of the first Research and Development activities by establishing Dizayn Group and
up to today has carried out several R & D works related to pipe technologies and has achieved extraordinary success. With diversification of strategic areas over
time, Mir Unique’s R & D issues have increased and therewith Mir Unique has started to implement different R & D projects for different sectors. In 2007, Mir Unique Solutions began operations in a techno-park as an R & D company developing the technology, developing the products and processes, performing initial trials by making pilot production and having all infrastructure required for them so that these studies excluded from the concentration of Dizayn Group can be more effectively carried out.

Mir Unique Solutions cooperates in the fields of the sales of technology and know-how, giving R& D services and the development of product and of joint R & D projects outside the Mir Unique as well as R & D services given to Mir Unique companies by this company. Company just concentrating on R & D has reached a turnover of 12 million Turkish Lira with only sale of know-how today. The studies are project-based and interdisciplinary studies.

Project leader, project team and infrastructure are created and collaborations are done with the universities for the issues appearing strategic and deciding to work on. Certainly, at least one academician is in every project and master’s and doctoral students are included in the project team. Thus, the studies are implemented which are very strong academic aspects.

Mir has TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification and uses Quality as a basic tool with which to obtain products and services in line with the characteristics and requirements of each customer.

Mir Unique Solutions is active in the fields of:

  • Transport processes (fluid, heat and mass transport),
  • Materials science (polymers and composite structures),
  • Construction, mechanism design, mechatronics,
  • Computational flow analysis and structural analysis,
  • Chemistry,
  • Bioengineering,
  • Agricultural sciences.

areas continues.

1. Our Vision

Providing extensive research and engineering services by using various approaches in order to develop genuine and excellent solutions to engineering problems our customers may experience.

2. Our Mission
  • Defining/determining and executing research projects with commercial potential.
  • Converting “Genuine Ideas and Solutions” received by “We support brain power to stop brain drain” campaign to value-added products by keeping intellectual properties of the idea-owner.
3. Core Values


  • Means emotion, purpose, innovation, research and ‘determination’ on realizing ideas. Never leaves ethic, human/moral and green principles.

MIR for the customer;

  • Defines customer as public/private bodies and end users.
4. Our History
  • 1987 : Dizayn Grup was founded.
  • 1992 : First pipe production
  • 2001 : DN 1600 PN12.5 PE100 pipe prod. (world record)
  • 2002 : First «We support brain power to stop brain drain» campaign
  • 2002 : «World Young Entrepreneur Businessman» Great Prize
  • 2003 : UNESCO Water Symposium Great Prize

About Us

About Us

About Us