Our R&D Coordinator Dr. Zafer GEMİCİ participated in “The 1st National Plastic Technologies Symposium- Plastics, Polymer Composites, Designing Technologies” as an invited speaker together with the numerous important names from the Plastic Sector and introduced our company.


Mir Unique Solutions, a company of MIR Holding Group, is a solution based company which is developing technologies in various disciplines and licensing them.In MIR, the project-based execution of all the activities is the main principle, and so, the technology and information management are our practice and purpose.

  • CAD/CAM/CAE software and ability to use them efficiently,
  • A plastic processing equipment manufacturing facility,
  • A green-house of hydroponic agricultural researches.

Our Vision

Providing extensive research and engineering services by using various approaches in order to develop genuine and excellent solutions to engineering problems our customers may experience.

Our Mission

Defining/determining and executing research projects with commercial potential.“Converting “Genuine Ideas and Solutions” received by “We support brain power to stop brain drain” campaign to value-added products by keeping intellectual properties of the idea-owner.

Core Values

Means emotion, purpose, innovation, research and ‘determination’ on realizing ideas,Never leaves ethic, human/moral and green principles.
Defines customer as public/private bodies and end users.