Self - Supporting Projects


The aim of our project is to develop a new technique for installing plastic pipes used to transport water undersea, as well as a pipe-joining method and high-density-polyethylene pipe for this purpose. In this context the system design is of top priority. It is currently very difficult and inconvenient, even impossible to install pipe-lines; particularly through a long distance under seas having too large depth (pipe deformation at deep water applications due to the high pressure is inevitable).


Oxystable pipe developed has a structure with two polypropylene layers with equal thickness and an aluminum foil layer in between these two PP layers. The most important advantages of the pipe are low permeability of oxygen in air and very low thermal elongation property.

Distinction of this novel product against other PPR-al-PPR pipes in the market is the location of the aluminum foil in the pipe wall.


In the manufacturing technology of the spirally wound pipe, cross section geometry of the pipe is composed of the profiles which are wound over the base of pipe. The base and the profile of the pipe are wound over mandrel with pre-determined pitch values. The pipe is composed of base part and the profiles.


Unlike conventional soilless cultivation systems, in the Miracle Hydroponics System, plastic components were used instead of supporting material to keep the plant body perpendicular to the earth. In this way, the roots are suspended in a culture solution freely without being exposed to any resistance or support.

Self – Supporting Projects

Self – Supporting Projects

Self – Supporting Projects